Is a Vote for Cameron a Vote for Fascism?

Submitted by hadrian on Thu, 05/14/2015 - 23:36
If we are to believe Western governments our societies are on the brink of destruction. We are made to believe that there may be a Muslim terrorist lurking around the corner, grinning, and waiting for an opportune moment to blow us all to smithereens. We are bombarded with more and more messages of rising extremism amongst the "Islamic youth," whatever that group may be. We are in our fourteenth year of the "war on terror," the replacement of the "war against communism." The specifics may have changed but the narrative will always remain the same. We are living in the "good", "freedom-loving", "caring" western States. They, the "Islamist extremists," are coming here to take away our freedom. The response? Inevitably jingoist and oppressive.

Last March, the Tory Home Secretary Theresa May already stated that "Islamist extremism must be confronted." Britain will, in her words, no longer tolerate extremists who "reject our values." The underlying assumption seems to be that there is a specific set of British values which are superior and any Muslim who disagrees in the slightest is automatically an extremist. An extremist must, then, of course be bent on destruction of British society. This, in and of itself, is Fascist Jingoism. It contains the kind of authoritarian nationalism found in the discourse of the likes of Geert Wilders. The problem is that someone who disagrees with some values of British values isn't necessarily going to go on a murderous rampage.

What are these British values? Does May refer to the hundreds of towns destroyed by the Normans after their invasion? Maybe she refers to the mass murder of Peasants after the loss of the Peasant's revolt? Maybe she refers to the ancient British tradition of murdering Catholics and Protestants, depending on which religion the Crown adhered to on any specific day. What about the forced internment of Boers and Black Africans during the second Boer war? If these are British traditions I would say these Islamist extremists, who allegedly want to murderously destroy society, have adopted British values perfectly. (Examples taken from A short history of political violence in Britain by Martyn Everett.)

The 2015 British General Elections from a Dutch perspective.

Submitted by hadrian on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 23:22

First things first, I don't believe that any form of representation should ever be called democracy. Representation in and of itself means the illegitimate expropriation of Authority from the represented. Nevertheless, we must accept the fact that we live within "the system" and can provide a critique within "the system." Make no mistake in reading this article, no representative "democracy" will ever bring us salvation and the best reform would be the abolition of the Governmental apparatus and the creation of social relations based on Mutual Aid.

The British have voted in what should have, by count of votes, have been a very close election. The Tories gained a definite majority with only about 37% of the vote. The Labour party is a close runner-up in votes (just over 30%) but only won about one third of the seats in parliament. Fortunately, UKIP only gained a single seat in spite of having almost 13% of the vote. On the other hand, the SNP managed to get 56 seats with only 4.7% of the vote. For the full results, see the BBC page.