Response: Does Socialism Destroy the Traditional Family Structure

Submitted by hadrian on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 14:22
TW: Discussion of Child Abuse.


In recent weeks, there has been an upsurge of articles in the right-wing media in the US of articles proclaiming socialism to be the next disaster looming on the United States. This red scare has been looming for a while now. Trump was elected on an incredibly reactionary ticket in which he blamed all bad things on what passes for the left in the United States. This is part of a greater global trend where we see an increase of right-wing candidates winning elections. According to David Harvey, neoliberalism is quickly losing legitimacy. For this reason, it is becoming necessary for neoliberalism to become ever more violent. Given the rising popularity of social-democrats like Corbyn, Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez it does ring true that a large section of the working class wants change. Many of those who stand to gain just slightly less under social democracy as opposed to neoliberalism - for they will still be rich beyond measure - seem hell-bent on stopping this threat to their hoarded gold.

This red-scare, so far, contains nothing new. We see the same cries about how socialism will destroy the economy and how socialism is inherently violent. The word socialism is interchangeable in this case with communism, and often used to refer to anything left of Sauron. Of course, capitalism has repeatedly led to crises that threw millions more into economic insecurity. Moreover, the bailouts after the 2008 crisis meant a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. Various groups of people referred to as socialists have different views of how to organize an economy. Anarchists, for example, envision a completely different economic organization built on very different foundations that social-democrats and neoliberals envision. For a proper response to the claim that socialism will destroy the economy, we need to define what is meant by socialism and what is meant by destroy. Right-wing pundits do neither, for it would open up the possibility of an actual debate. Debate and scaremongering are mutually exclusive.

The same could be said about the argument that socialism implies violence. I became an anarchist because I abhor violence, and many comrades have a similar disdain for violence. Neoliberalism was first instituted by a military dictatorship in Chile which is still remembered for its gruesome disdain for human life. Capitalism itself is built on violence both physical and economic. A proper response to this claim also means we need to clarify what exactly we are talking about.

A third very common part of every red scare has now also popped up on The Epoch Times. If creating fear about economic viability and violence isn't enough, then the traditional family suddenly pops up. This article will cover two things: a critique on the article from The Epoch Times, and an Anarchist view on family structures.