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Submitted by hadrian on Fri, 06/15/2018 - 19:55



In 2015 I got together with a few comrades to write a short, monthly magazine with left-wing content ranging from takes on the news to poetry and drawings. It was called "The Media: Your Newspaper." An arrogant-sounding name intended to mock the pretences of corporate and state news-media. Unfortunately, we were never able to devote the time and attention that the project deserved and we were only able to publish two editions. We had intended to include a small column about the way language is often used to mask or frame certain everyday things. Although the media is probably dead, word games certainly aren't. From time to time - time and inspiration permitting - I will post new word games on the blog.



Language is used as a tool of power. Small word games are used to hide our role in the world; to palliate our role; and to constantly influence the way we perceive the world. In Word Games, I will attempt to look at the way our masters abuse our common heritage: language.