A small rant about E-numbers

Submitted by hadrian on Thu, 05/17/2018 - 08:26


When, several years ago, I decided to switch to a fully vegan diet, I had to embark on a small voyage of discovery. Many foods I had not expected to contain animal products, turned out to be full of them. Since that time, I have often talked to other vegans about our dietary habits and often had "did-you-know" moments. Another product that turns out to be inedible. Within two weeks I started to check the label before consuming anything. To all who rarely, if ever, do so, I can greatly recommend trying it a few times. You will be surprised with what they put in your food.

There are a few non-vegan E-numbers. After a few years of veganism, I can generally check a label within a second or two, sometimes even in other languages. The fact that many allergens are now in bold-face helps a lot. So does the use of E-numbers. However, in recent years I've noticed more and more manufacturers are listing long chemical names. Turns out, these are simply the full names of the E-numbers. Nice...