Reason and emotion need to co-exist. Cold, emotionless reason leads us to cold, emotionless calculation of our lives. Without emotion, reason has the force to lead us to the worst despotism of calculating productivity. With pure reason, we wouldn't need the policeman's baton or the soldier's gun to make us subservient; we would choose to make ourselves subservient to reason.

Reasonless emotion leads us to fear and superstition. Reasonless emotion makes our most base emotions rule supreme. We wouldn't choose to be subservient, we would choose to make people subservient. With reasonless emotion we willingly create hierarchies. We allow ourselves to be ruled by those who make us fear.

Only together in unison, reason and emotion together, will we be able to achieve the harmony we need. However, reason and emotion can be supressed and both are. Reason is gone, disappeared, withered away. Schools barely pay attention to it and the worst fallacies are granted divine status. Emotion is suppressed by a tangled web of emotions and fallacious beliefs. We need to re-invigorate reason to analyze this tangled web and bring the both together again.