Was it Fake?

Submitted by hadrian on Sat, 07/16/2016 - 18:41


Another major world event has been able to gain our attention. Some saw a shining ray of hope in the attempted coup in Turkey, the Black Rose federation quickly showed the eery similarities between Erdogan and the army. The reports we've had over the years from Turkey - filtered by a media that is alternately very negative or positive towards this country, depending on the necessities of Western politics - give us few reasons to be hopeful. After several hours the coup was reported to have failed and Erdogan - who is now likely to become a sort of folk-hero who defeated the army - was able to return to Istanbul triumphantly. Some in the Turkish government have already started talking about re-introducing the death penalty (Dutch link) and Erdogan seems to be following Stalin's example from the 1930s.

Every time some world event like this happens some immediately try to blame a multitude of different actors. Within an hour, a rumour spread that the coup was staged by Erdogan to allow him to relegitimize himself and his reign of terror. Another theory claims he already knew about the coup but allowed it to continue nonetheless. Others put the blame on the usual suspects: CIA, Mossad, Zionists, the New World Order, and so forth. This strategy of pointing fingers has become common-place and expected at every major world event from Daesh bombings, to the attack on the twin towers, to this coup. It's time to stop this behaviour and look at solutions instead.


These days, conspiracy theories from the plausible to the ridiculously absurd are found within half an hour of the event. However, these theories are never focused on finding actual solutions to world problems. For example, the Truther movement is based on the underlying assumption that, had the attacks on the World Trade Centre not been perpetrated by Al-Qaeda, the wars in Afghanistan and Irak would be illegitimate. The reverse of this assumption is the possible legitimacy of these wars. This means that the deaths of 160.000 to 180.000 civilians in Iraq alone could have been legitimate - according to the Truther's assumption. The fact that the war in Afghanistan and Iraq most probably had to do with oil is ignored. As such, the economic interests that caused this war are ignored and, by extension, imperialism is taken into protection.

Every terrorist attack since 9/11 have seen more and more people who believe these attacks are 'false flag' attacks. These are attacks that, they claim, were carried out on orders of the government by local actors with the only goal of legitimizing further repression. That repression is increased after every terrorist attack is certainly true. Governments throughout the world have been spending large amounts of money to militarize their police forces and to put their populations under increasing surveillance. Given the current state of decaying capitalism, this is no surprise. If governments don't prepare for mass protest movements they may quickly see their power slip away. For example, France has seen massive protests that has been difficult for the government to control. Without strong police and army forces these people could have already enforced significant social and economic changes.

Repression is, simply put, necessary for politicians and capitalists. This doesn't mean every terrorist attack has been orchestrated by them. The underlying assumption of many conspiracy theories seems to be the idea that people have no agency of their own and that all major world events are planned and paid for by, for example, a New World Order organisation. Those who automatically assume an attack was a 'false flag' attack simply ignore the possibility that people may have come to hate this society built on mutual competition and racism. European societies are built on internal struggle between various groups where one group is dominant and other groups are more or less marginalized. It is only normal for people to come to hate a society where one is structurally excluded because of, for example, race or gender. Most people don't turn this hatred into active hatred but it is ridiculous to rule out the possibility of people to become terrorists through such exclusion. For example, Belgium has both an extreme-right party in power and is the largest donor of cannon fodder to Daesh. It seems the worst nightmare of the extreme-right - Islamism in Europe - is a product of their own racism. However, conspiracy theorists consistently blame terrorist attacks on invisible organisations pullings the strings and, as such, consistently refuse to recognize our own responsibilities in these matters. In effect, they are not just protecting imperialism but also racism.

The first rumour of the coup in Turkey being a 'false flag' was already reported within the first hour. This time, Erdogan was said to have organised the coup so that he, as the Great Leader who has defeated the army, can carry out massive purges in Turkey. This isn't a far-fetched theory, as the effects of Erdogan's victory seem to be a purge. Still, we should consider if it's useful to try and create a new set of conspiracy theories surrounding this coup. After all, what is the difference between a 'false flag' coup that was set up to fail and a real coup that failed? Would the people who are being fired from their jobs be safer in one of these cases? No. Would the subjects of the Sultan whose lives are even less secure be safer in one of these cases? No. Erdogan has won and will expand his reign of terror, this is the only relevant reality.


There are too many conspiracy theories within a short time after world events. Many of these conspiracy theories, consciously or unconsciously, protect major problems in society. Many of these problems themselves are at the root cause of the actual events and should, as such, be fought. Racism is a very concrete problem that we can fight right now. This allows us to reclaim our agency and actually fight global capitalism which is built on racism. Not killing hundreds of thousands of people for oil would also be a very concrete solution that would undoubtedly have many positive effects and is a goal we can fight for right now. Where is the strong anti-militarist movement of days gone by? After all, the war in Afghanistan and Irak was wrong, irregardless of who is responsible for 9/11. The repression after every terrorist attack is wrong, irregardless of who is responsible for the attack. Erdogan's repression is wrong, irregardless of who is responsible for the coup.

We're living in a world that's quickly changing. The decaying global economic system is causing massive changes of power and we, the mere objects to that power, run the greatest risk. It's best to let the historians figure out who's responsible for these attacks. We have to respond to the rapidly changing world. Every war and every repression should be wrong to us. After all, these are only elements of the class war being waged against us and every time we support racism, sexism, imperialism, or any form of oppression in the slightest we are supporting the ruling classes in their fight against us.

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