Is a Vote for Cameron a Vote for Fascism?

Submitted by hadrian on Thu, 05/14/2015 - 23:36
If we are to believe Western governments our societies are on the brink of destruction. We are made to believe that there may be a Muslim terrorist lurking around the corner, grinning, and waiting for an opportune moment to blow us all to smithereens. We are bombarded with more and more messages of rising extremism amongst the "Islamic youth," whatever that group may be. We are in our fourteenth year of the "war on terror," the replacement of the "war against communism." The specifics may have changed but the narrative will always remain the same. We are living in the "good", "freedom-loving", "caring" western States. They, the "Islamist extremists," are coming here to take away our freedom. The response? Inevitably jingoist and oppressive.

Last March, the Tory Home Secretary Theresa May already stated that "Islamist extremism must be confronted." Britain will, in her words, no longer tolerate extremists who "reject our values." The underlying assumption seems to be that there is a specific set of British values which are superior and any Muslim who disagrees in the slightest is automatically an extremist. An extremist must, then, of course be bent on destruction of British society. This, in and of itself, is Fascist Jingoism. It contains the kind of authoritarian nationalism found in the discourse of the likes of Geert Wilders. The problem is that someone who disagrees with some values of British values isn't necessarily going to go on a murderous rampage.

What are these British values? Does May refer to the hundreds of towns destroyed by the Normans after their invasion? Maybe she refers to the mass murder of Peasants after the loss of the Peasant's revolt? Maybe she refers to the ancient British tradition of murdering Catholics and Protestants, depending on which religion the Crown adhered to on any specific day. What about the forced internment of Boers and Black Africans during the second Boer war? If these are British traditions I would say these Islamist extremists, who allegedly want to murderously destroy society, have adopted British values perfectly. (Examples taken from A short history of political violence in Britain by Martyn Everett.)

The violence of the British State does, however, not end with the Boer war. Oxfam reports that one out of every five UK citizens live below Oxfam's official poverty line. Oxfam and Church Action on Poverty estimate that half a million people in the United Kingdom are living off of food parcels. In a world where one third of the food is wasted and enough food is produced to feed every Human being the reason for a shortage of food must be analyzed. When we see supermarkets throwing away copious amounts of food while half a million people are desperate because of a lack of money we can only blame the existence of property; the ability of one person to deny another person access to hir property when ey isn't using it and won't ever use it. The protection by the British State of this strict property regime causes untold misery. This, in and of itself, is violence.

It has been said before, by many, that a vote for the Tories is a vote for austerity. The Tories have a history of provoking and suppressing dissidence. England has a long and bloody history of social conflict, of the dispossessed doing their best to gain the minimum they need to survive and maintain what was won in earlier struggles. It is clear that it is the long-standing wish of the Tories to take away as many of these previous victories as they can.

From here, we can return to the current plans of the Tory government. The Independent reports that Cameron considers Britain to have been "too passively tolerant and should not leave people to live their lives as they please just because they obey the law." Whatever the exact words may have been, these ring of the earlier statement by May that Britain will no longer tolerate the behaviour of Islamist extremists. However, Cameron's statement is broader and doesn't just apply to Islamist extremists. It also covers "also those who undertake harmful activities for the 'purpose of overthrowing democracy'." The New Statesman reports that the "national extremism database currently includes the names of people who have undertaken such 'extreme' activities as organising meetings on environmental issues."

With this in mind we can only recall Thatcher's famous quote: "we had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty." This quote was directed at the miners unions which needed to be destroyed in order for the Tories to be able to take the rights of the miners. The enemy within doesn't seem to have changed for the Tories, it is still the workers and poor of the United Kingdom that are the enemy. The guise Authoritarian Communism as the enemy is merely replaced by Islamist extremists. The unions have already been gutted and the only thing that stands in the way for Cameron is the spontaneous and massive protest movements that have a habit of springing up. This is the last element that needs to be removed if the Tories are to have free reign over the country. When a government puts people organising meetings with regards to environmental change onto an extremism watchlist it's only logical that demonstrators wish to opt for anonimity. Of course, during the 2011 riots the Tories, with Labour backing, introduced a a ban on balaclavas.

Like in the Netherlands, Islamist extremism is an over-hyped problem. Worse, it is a problem that is, no doubt, engendered or, at least, exacerbated, by social problems in these countries themselves. For example, in both countries, non-White people are about twice as likely to be unemployed (UK, NL.) Structural racism is a problem in both countries and, amongst others, perpetuated by the likes of Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders. The continuing disdain of the media for Muslims and the continued narrative that each Muslim should appologize for the misdeeds of some Muslims maintains and worsens the rifts between people rather than stitching them. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is using the fear of Islamist extremism to pass measures repressive to all disenfranchised people in an attempt to further take away any and all means of self-defence by the disenfranchised. The use of terror-tactics is, indeed, not acceptable but the repressive measures of governments like that of the United Kingdom have long since surpassed any attempt of fighting such terror-tactics. They have become measures of fighting any and all resistance to injustice, from the sit-in to the anonymous walking demonstration. From the strike to the occupation. Indeed, the government of the United Kingdom is continuing its long tradition of terror-tactics against the disenfranchised. Cameron's proposal reeks of totalitarian State control imbued with nationalism, two key elements of Fascism. When the Queen Speeches we will find out to what extent his deranged mind and party want to go.

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